Standard Potential is
Bringing Abundance
to Batteries.
Our alkali-active technology stack catapults battery cathodes into the
TWh era.
Scale with Current Infrastructure
  • Standard Potential materials are optimized for compatibility on established processes to swiftly amplify impact from mAh to TWh.
Materials for Today & Tomorrow
  • Our powder solutions are engineered to maximize  battery performance for lithium-ion, sodium-ion, & beyond.
Democratize Energy Storage For All
  • Unlock resilience for critical battery components & secure the  future of electrification for grid & mobility applications.
Founded upon
+15 GWh/y of battery material production experience.
Andrew Wang
Richard May
Weidong Wang
Production Advisor
Yang Shao-Horn
Principal R&D Advisor
Dan Steingart
Chief Scientist
Let's set the new standard in battery materials together.
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Standard Potential Logo within two rectangles, signifying a battery structure - a cathode and an anode separated by an electrolyte.
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